Tips for Hiring a Web Designer

A website is one the most important marketing tools in our present time. More and more people are relying on the internet for information and services. And less people are utilizing things like the yellow pages, to find goods and services. With that said, it is really important to have a professional website for your company to advertise your services.

We’ve compiled some tips to consider when hiring your web designer.

Tip 1

Make sure that the designer you want to hire has their own website online, which has a portfolio of the previous sites they have designed. And make sure that their portfolio has links to those sites.

Tip 2

Go visit sites the web designer you want to hire has completed, and check if the design and functionality of those sites are professional.

Tip 3

Research what kind of website you want. You can go online and look at your competitors’ sites and make a notation of what you specifically like from each site.
Provide the URLs of those sites you like, together with your notes, to your web designer.

Tip 4

Research the name of the web designer you want to hire, to see if there are any complaints from previous customers who suffered bad customer service from the designer. This information will help you decide if you still want to hire the company or designer.

Tip 5

Find out from the designer if they use a content management system of some sort to design their sites. This is important because if they do use a content management system, you can manage your site yourself with a short tutorial and/or manual from the designer.